Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mulberry Mountain Harvest Festival Continued

Also appearing at the Mulberry Mountain Harvest Festival were the Infamous Stringdusters, Cadillac Sky and The Duhks. The musical talent these three bands obtain could create enough energy to power Little Rock!

The Infamous Stringdusters blazed through their set with technical precision and blatant energy. Rooted in bluegrass, the Stringdusters take their songs to a new level. Rock rhythms and pure vocals create an appealing aura to a younger crowd. Naturally, the band is young as well. Covering modern artists such as John Mayer, the Infamous Stringdusters produce a modern sound unproduced by any bluegrass bands before them. Combining roots and modern music is not a new trick. This highly controversial occu
rrence has long been in the bluegrass tradition. The rock song "Fox On The Run" was brought to bluegrass audiences and performed by bands such as the Country Gentlemen and countless others.

Similarly, Cadillac Sky
produces a highly driven sound resembling that of a rock concert more than a bluegrass concert. However, these talented musicians are clearly versed in bluegrass. The guitar player would run out
into the crowd to take leads head banging back and forth and feet stomping as he produced fast paced, generic bluegrass licks over a rock rhythm. The crowd pleasing antics far from failed as shirtless men and bikini-clad women raved all around him. Mosh pit, meet bluegrass. Despite the crazyness emitted by the band, the musicianship was evident in the level of music being played. Rhythm changes and togetherness was priority for Cadillac Sky. The tightness with which they played resounded with the truth that practice still makes perfect. Perhaps, they're not completely crazy...

The Duhks roots stem from Irish, Canadian and Cajun music. Jazz and rock is also evident in their playing. Hailing from the French community in Winnipeg, many of their songs contain French lyrics. This was a delightful addition to the festival.

Technically sound, the Duhks prove they are highly capable musicians as well. Their 12 am set lasted until around 2:30 am Sunday morning. This didn't stop folks from coming out and enjoying some great fiddlin' and vocal partying! Well worth the trip despite my complete exhaustion before I had even arrived!

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Sherry Tinerella said...

I wish I had been able to stay for that midnight Duhks show. I enjoyed the afternoon show so much.
I also had the opportunity to see Big Smith, they were pretty bluegrass, though they had their own rendition of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean". They are from Springfield, Mo and seem to have quite a following. They were fun.

Also of interest was Mountain Sprout from Eureka Springs, I think. They had fiddle, banjo, guitar and upright bass. They sure did some down home pickin'

Nice job covering the festival.