Friday, July 10, 2009

Mountain View in Oxford American

Oxford American's Solost series recently did a video article on Mountain View, Arkansas. Produced by Dave Anderson, a 2006 finalist for the German Hansel Mieth award in photojournalism, "Pickin in Mountain View" provides a glimpse into the musical culture that is Mountain View, Arkansas.
Interviews with local residents J.C. Bonds, Freda Phillips, and others, Dave creates a diverse yet accurate painting of one of Arkansas' best kept secrets.  Jimmy Driftwood, who is most famous for lyricizing the old time fiddle tune "Eighth of January" creating "The Battle Of New Orleans", was integral in the popularization and continuing of the music in t

he self proclaimed Folk Music Capital of the World. His efforts can be seen today in the Ozark Folk Center and the annual Folk Festival in Mountain View.

Today, Mountain View, Arkansas is famous for its parking lot pickers and old time fiddlers who go to play on the square. Most days you will find groups of people out picking and fiddling. Young and old alike enjoy the old time tunes passed down from generation to generation. If you go, you may be sucked into the passion each person shares for the music. Like Martin says at the end of the Oxford American article, "If ya come here twice, the third time ya better have a movin' van hooked up to ya, cuz yer gonna be movin'!" Thank you Mountain View for keeping Arkansas fiddlin'!

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