Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2009 Arkansas Fiddle and Strings Camp

Fiddle Camp '09 is in full swing as can be clearly heard among the halls of Antioch Baptist Church in Conway, AR. A quick trip to the upstairs area would reveal many hands eagerly probing the strings of a fiddle or guitar.

Each day, around 20 campers gather to play tunes together in preparation of a final performance on Friday evening. A number of tunes ranging from Irish to Cajun style fill any available air space within the church walls. The amount of energy created is surely enough to power the light needed for camp. There is, in fact, one way to insure the energy is transfered. Join us Thursday evening at Something Brewing in downtown Conway and if your toes aren't tappin' maybe your ears aren't really listening. The energy here is contagious!

Each time a group approaches the stage to perform, the remaining campers poise to listen as the group plays a tune. Delightful smiles and expressions of relief are all evident as the finish arrives. Each face is indeed enveloped in the music. Each camper enjoying himself or herself. In the words of 10 year old camper, Nick Davanzo, camp is, "pretty cool". In particular, Nick enjoys having a banjo lesson where he can "learn new licks to put into other songs." Nick also says he enjoys camp because, "You get to meet other people and make friends."

Those interested in hearing some of these up and coming musicians should come to the final performance Friday night. For more information on the performance and Fiddle Camp '09, visit Fiddlin' Arkansas.

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Tasha said...

Very Cool, Hope you have fun :0)