Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 Favorite Things about Jamming

Jamming is one of the best ways to learn to play an instrument. Be it fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, bass, ukulele, any instrument you can think of, jamming will make your practice time fun and enjoyable.

  1. The first reason jamming is one of my favorite things to do is that it is a BLAST!!! There is nothing more rewarding and fun that sitting around with friends and other musicians playing tunes.
  2. The second reason jamming is so great is that there is always a jam that you can find with other people who play at your level! This is less intimidating at first and helps you feel comfortable playing.
  3. Thirdly, jamming forces you to play! Sometimes practicing can be dull and you won't do it. Jamming enables you to practice without feeling like it's practice!
  4. Number 4! Jamming helps you get out and meet other musicians. This is key to continuing your playing. Our picking depends on the community in which we pick! Without each other, we wouldn't still be playing.
  5. The fifth reason jamming is my favorite thing is that it encourages me to learn new tunes. By jamming, I am exposed to new tunes that I can begin to learn in the jam!
  6. This brings me to the sixth reason jamming is my favorite. It keeps me motivated! When I jam with others and hear new tunes or hot licks, it makes me want to go practice which only makes me better.
  7. The seventh reason jamming is my favorite thing to do is that it relieves tension after a long day. This is a medicinal reason. Music is relaxing.
  8. Number 8! Jamming is my favorite thing to do because it keeps my fingers in shape. No matter what kind of music you're playing, keeping your fingers in shape is critical to reaching your goals musically.
  9. Jamming can breed new bands, gigs and money in your pocket. When you get out and jam with others, you become recognized for your playing. This may land you work!
  10. The tenth and final reason jamming is my favorite thing to do is because YOU are there! I LOVE it when you come to the jam and get involved! The world can never have too many pickers! Come on out and join us!

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